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Urchin Web Analytics

Urchin is the industry leading web analytics software and is used by millions of web sites worldwide. It analyzes traffic for one or more websites and provides accurate and easy-to-understand reports on your visitors - where they come from, how they use your site, what converts them into customers, and much more. Urchin is essential for executives, marketers, webmasters, and web designers.

See search terms visitors typed into Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.
See unique visitor sessions your site got over any time frame.
Get the most accurate Unique Visitor counts .
Gauge marketing campaign effectiveness.
See the screen resolution and color depth your visitors have, and tailor your site accordingly.

Until now, Urchin v.5 was priced out of reach for the small to mid-sized website owners. Urchin's
base license retails for $895.00 but thanks to a special offer our pricning is certainly more budget
friendly at just $10.00 per month making Urchin affordable for any size web site!
Urchin v.5 detailed tracking includes:
  • Opportunity to quantify and improve the ROI on business objectives
  • Lowers the customer's total cost of ownership and operation by pinpointing web site marketing, technical, and management obstacles
  • Increase client revenue and satisfaction
  • Solution to turn web visitors into customers
  • Get the most accurate Unique Visitors and Click Paths information in the industry via the Urchin Tracking Module (UTM2), which is included at no charge
  • Assured integrity and performance of your customers' websites
  • See where your traffic is coming from - search engines, banner ads, referrals, email campaigns and more
  • Analyze downloads, bandwidth usage, errors, and much more that is only possible with software-based web analytics
  • Ability to make strategic business decisions based on empirical data
  • Analyze and optimize Cost-Per-Click campaigns across networks such as Google and Overture
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