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SpamAssassin is an automated powerful tool for identifying which of your incoming e-mail messages are spam and which are not. Rather than trying to sift through your inbox to locate the valid email, SpamAssassin provides you with several ways to "tag" spam e-mails so you can easily identify and filter or delete them.

How does Spam Assassin know it is spam? By comparing certain traits of the message with a list of "rules" compiled from known spam email. Each rule has a numeric value and the values for each rule that applies to the email is tallied up to provide a total spam score. By default, if the score is greater than 4.0 the email is tagged as spam.

Once the spam is identified and "flagged" it can be blocked and or filtered with the help of our free SpamVault tool and your favorite email client or webmail.

Spam Assassin has been added to the control panel of all IDesigns hosting accounts, free of charge! If your email inbox is getting buried in spam take control by enabling Spam Assassin today! Since our introduction of Spam Assassin, users who have enabled Spam Assassin together with SpamVault are reporting 75% - 95% less spam being sent to their inbox.

What are you waiting for? Take control of your inbox today!!

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