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What are PowerScriptz?

PowerScriptz is a subscription program to a set of add-on tools designed to enhance your web site. When you upgrade your account to include a PowerScriptz subscription, you'll receive the current set of tools, a 10MB bonus storage allotment for your account, a 10 email account bonus, and automatically receive new tools as they become available. Each individual tool has it's own install and uninstall interface from within the "PowerScriptz" category of the Control Panel, along with instruction guides to assist you with the use of each tool. There are currently 5 PowerScriptz with more on the way over the next months. Here are the first of the tools included in the PowerScriptz upgrade Package:

Invision Power Board
Create and moderate forums, message boards and user groups

Web Calendar Manager
Customized web-based multi-user calendar, syncs with Palm, available in 15 languages

GuestBook Manager
Put a guestbook on your site and get testimonials, messages, and valuable customer feedback!

Poll Manager
Create surveys and poll your visitors for marketing data or just for fun!

NetBuilder Database Manager
Create, manipulate, query and create forms and searches from your MySQL database with the powerful NetBuilder!

Don't Forget the Bonus!
All PowerScriptz subscriptions include 10MB of extra storage and 10 Additional Email Accounts for your website!

PowerScriptz would normally sell as a package for $24.95 per month, but as a special offer we've reduced the price by more than 70%! You get all 5 current PowerScriptz tools, 10 additional email accounts plus 10MB of additional web space, and automatic activation of new PowerScriptz tools as they become available. All for just $6.95 per month. Ready to order? See below!

How to Empower Your Account with PowerScriptz!

Simply go to your hosting account Control Panel and click the "Upgrade CP" icon. The available upgrade plans will appear at the top of the screen with separate additional options below. PowerScriptz can be added separately by selecting PowerScriptz* from the "Add Additional Package" area of the screen**

Remember we will add new products and services into PowerScriptz empowered accounts as they become available making this subscription upgrade even more valuable as time goes by!

* Starter Plan users must choose the "PowerScriptz Starter Add-on" to ensure the addition of necessary mySQL functionality to your account.

** Resellers who would like to add the PowerScriptz subscription to their resold accounts please use the "Email Support" icon from within the Control Panel of your hosting account to make this request.

PowerScriptz Demo Site
Demos and screen shots of the new PowerScriptz tools can be found here:
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